Frequently asked questions

Most tutors are advertised at £25-£35 per hour, why are you cheaper?

We believe home based tutors charge too much. Our service is specifically designed to keep operating costs low and maintain small class sizes.

Surely one-to-one is better for my child?

Our approach also offers one-to-one intervention. With two teachers in each class you can be sure your child will excel. Class based learning provides richer opportunities to tackle misconceptions, develop confidence and foster independence. The end of each session will focus on what each student has achieved, their next steps and how best to extend their learning at home. 

Why 90 minute sessions?

The longer the better.

We don't compromise on opportunities to close gaps in knowledge, reinforce learning and deepen understanding.

Why 30 sessions, one a week?

Our programmes are crafted to develop lasting progress, but this takes time. The Mathematics Curriculum has expanded, and we want to support your child throughout their whole school year. 

When do the Learning Programmes start, what if they have already started, what else do you offer?

Programmes start in October and run through to July.

It's never too late to enroll, however, the earlier you can the greater our impact will be.

We will be offering intensive 3 day Examination/Assessment Preparation Boot Camps during half-terms.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

Contact us direct either by phone or email or visit our Facebook page.