ABOUT OUR Learning Programmes

Designed to get results

  • Packed full of depth and challenge
  • Focused on up to date Examination trends

Designed to support Long Term revision

  • As well as making progress, students will be supported in creating revision resources and developing a Growth Mindset towards Examinations and Assessments
  • Students will gain the 'Know How' of using the best free online content to help further their study between sessions

Designed to go all the way

  • Run from October to July
  • Learning is a lot like physical exercise, after 30 sessions your child will be in the best shape to demonstrate significant progress in Examinations and End of Year Assessments.
  • Our pledge to mentor and support extends beyond each session at no extra cost. Students will have opportunities to contact their Teachers if they need help in between sessions.

Programmes At a glance

Key Stage 3 (11- 14)

  • Building solid foundations to support transition to GCSE
  • Ensuring gaps in knowledge are closed
  • Developing Problem Solving skills
  • Developing Self Study Tools

GCSE Foundation

  • Ensuring fluency in Number, Algebra, Data Handling & Shape
  • Creating a "I can do this and succeed" mentality
  • Developing confidence in Problem Solving & Reasoning
  • Creating a structured approach to their revision

GCSE Higher

  • Getting to grips with the difficult Number & Algebra topics previously assessed at A-Level
  • Acquisition of skills to deconstruct problems which blend together many different areas of the Mathematics curriculum
  • Developing a 'Growth Mindset' so students maximise on marks awarded for workings and written communication

low on cost, high on value

£10 For A 90 Minute Session

This is not a promotional price, every single session is £10, runs once a week and there's no hidden costs or strings attached 

Two Teachers Are Better Than One

Each session will be staffed by at least two experienced Specialist Teachers to ensure your child gets the support they deserve

We Are Human

Some Learning providers rely on computers or learning packs with little or no intervention; we don't. Our friendly sessions are full of interaction and flexibility to ensure our students' needs are met